Searching for animator - childrens wear designs

I am looking for an animator to take the illustration up off a T-shirt and make a 5-15second animation of it coming to ‘life’ - we will have 5-50 garments depending on your price per. We’re looking for an ongoing relationship - would prefer the files be finished in AfterEffects - but if you’re willing to do frame built animations it’s fine with us. is our site but these products are more specific:
or the animals from :
I can be more specific - but we are looking for the lowest possible price in the near term (3-6mo) but are looking for your solid price to do some creatively eye catching work 6-12mo out where we can provide studio time and tagged motion capture to animate from - we are bringing our video content up to brand slowly:

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Feel free to contact me with the details.
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Very interested in the job, feel free to contact me at massfocus [at] gmail [dot] com to discuss more details.

Hey, If you are still searching for a better rate you can contact me with more details at

Guys - post a portfolio project that shows me your style and ability to complete!

If you are interested, please let me know.