Searching efficiently on Videohive?

Hello people,

I must be doing something wrong or the search function is not optimal. I am looking for an animated 3D character with lipsync on videohive.I like flasheasy’s George but want to have a look at alternatives. So I search for 3D character lipsync. I get a few, but George is not listed, although some of the george packages do have lipsync. Makes me think that I am not using search optimally or that the search function itself is a bit cranky.

EDIT: ok, lip sync returns different results from lipsync. But some characters with 3D design only return under character search, not 3D character search. So still a bit confused on how to zero in on potential characters.

Would you kind souls help a guy in distress?

And if you have suggestions for actual characters, I’ll take them as long as they have hassle-free lip sync and ease of use. In terms of style, I prefer really a cartoon-like character rather than anything remotely photo-realistic (like George, Bobby, Anna from Flasheasy, but Bobby does not have lipsync, and Anna’s lipsync has yet to be updated I believe).

Thanks you for your advice and suggestions.

Much lurve.