Sales almost stopped from last 4-5 days

Elements is eating the market slowly and eventually will finish it up in quick time. Only a few top authors will remain here.

Exactly, Elements is causing this mess, the solution is simple, remove the banner from the item pages or give the author the option to remove it if they do not want it… why Envato is not seeing this I don’t get it… if the marketplace dies Elements will follow, we authors are powering the marketplace and Elements as well!


Hows this month going for you guys ? September 21 ?

I am now settled at 1/3 of my average earnings for the last 4-5 months now :frowning:

I can explain the low sales for some periods. This is because of Envato Elements banner… So users think they can get the same item and even more items for lower price. They subscribe to Elements and… it kills sales of small business, because instead of sale $59 you get a few dollars… because usually users download a lot of items in Elements for $39 and just stop their subscription. So you just lost money on this and this becomes unprofitable to sale something at all. BUT it’s not effect on outdated popular items, because users see a lot of hundred of thousand sales and trust it. But not trust you, because you don’t have a lot (because of Elements), and it’s not dependent on quality of your item! Meh :unamused:

So I think a massive subscription business model doesn’t work for WordPress themes, it should be subscription to get updates I think, not for just downloading item unlimited times.

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30-40% sales reduce in August and now in September too on TF… Seems marketplace going to die soon and only few top most author remains here… Is this the time to find an alternate income source on some other places!!