Rookie. Need help

hi all. just registered and don’t know how to put a picture on your profile.

Hi @Music-ok and welcome!

You have a “Settings” tab between the “Hidden items” and “Following” tabs. Inside the settings, first tab is the Profile, there you have both fields for avatar and homepage pic.


can’t find. sreen

hey @Music-ok,

From what I know you need to have at least one item available for sale to have this option.

Best wishes!


Hi Music-ok and WELCOME. I recall, when starting out with a new account, that there is a delay before you get that profile picture prompt in the Settings menu. It may be that you need to submit an item for approval or need to get an item approved. I don’t recall the specifics. I would suggest setting up and start submitting tracks and just keep checking the Settings page to see when the prompt appears for you. Good luck

thank you

thank you