Reusable Widgets Defining Page Layouts

After building a theme mockup in just raw html and CSS. I noticed that the overall content was just stacked <section> tags and thought if I can make widgets out of them I could have the Editor just add edit the actually copy in the widget forms.

My question though is it possible to give each page it’s own dynamic sidebar without making a widget area for each page/template? Is there a better way of doing this? Or is pasting the raw html into the page content area the only real way to get an Editor a way to update the content?


For doing this you have to make individual ‘page template’ for each page and also have to create individual widget area mean have to use own sidebar from your theme functions.php. Then you can use that widget area to make own sidebar content.


Yeah that’s what I thought, but I’m looking more of page building. I think Gutenberg custom blocks is what I need to develop for my requirements.