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Hello everyone!
I have a problem with a product I bought that I would like to return. I am interested to know your opinion on whether I am right or wrong in the following situation.
Firstly, when I bought the product, the author promised an update, which after seven months has never happened. Secondly, a request was made for support in setting up the product. However, the author got lost for 2 months! No support was provided for the correct debugging of the product. I received an email claiming that the application actually works perfectly, though the platform itself was not installed at that moment. Once again, I faced lack of support. I waited for another two weeks and applied for the product to be returned. According to the product’s offer, I was promised support, however, in fact, it was not properly provided.
The product works incorrectly and fixes have not been done for seven (!) months. My request for fixing the situation by Envato representatives was declined.

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If you are eligible to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explanation of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the refund request form (below the How to request a refund).


It’s impossible to comment on the product working or not without seeing it in action.

While this doesn’t sound like great behaviour by the author, support in setup is not covered by envato’s support policy, so regardless of how badly they handled it, the author would not technically be responsible.

The main issue is if envato themselves refused the refund then there must be a reason that they are basing that on

Here, this product

Unfortunately after 7+ months, you can not expect any refund. Next time ask it within 30 days.

Yes, and one more thing … When buying, the author claimed that the SMS fee would not be charged, but today this is no longer the case .

P.s product does not work properly. And why were the rules written then?

Get in touch with Envato Support. It’s your only option. Only they can provide a refund in this situation! Use this link → Envato Market Help and Support

Usually, they will reply within 10 days, but I admitted their support is terrible and full of promises for the new version that never come and using pandemics as their excuses.
and now they admitted submitted a new version for review and they guessing will take a week or two weeks to be approved

I have the same problem, such sellers should not sell here. If I can get my lost money I will buy a new application (It happens to me for the first time too)