Resume rejected, please help

Hi there! Today my resume got hard rejected after an 8 days review. Can you guys give me some advices please on how to build a good quality resume? What are the rules and standards? Regarding the design, I don’t think that is perfect, but not bad either.

See/download image from here:

I think the main reason is that your resume template should be print-ready, in CMYK colors. I see green in your work is too bright and toxic, looks like its an RGB color.
On top of that your work looks too simple to me, so it’s might be the case. I dont make resumes myself yet, so dont know exactly.

Hello! It is print ready but on the web it displays on RGB. I don’t know what to say about the design, on the market are a lot of simple designs. Thank you for the reply. :smiley:

Same problem on me mate, many simple designs passed review, but sadly it’s not my items =D

I guess that my only option is to change some things and just add the resume on my portofolio and keep going with another ones.