Restaurant WordPress Theme with online ordering options

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I was looking for a Restaurant WordPress theme that the user can also order online. I know this sound so simple. But my client’s current website: the ordering online page and feature is terrible, especially when building your own salad which is such a poplar item. I’m trying to find one where the user can still build their salad but there is an X next to the item that is chosen while added to the cart.

Does anyone know of a nice theme that does something close to that? or maybe a plugin for ordering online??

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Do you like it? live preview. I can add an order form in this theme to help you have a good theme for your client. You can purchase this theme at here: click here.

Hi Loc_rabbirt!!

Thank you! Can you show me a preview of how a user would order and with building your own salad and pizza?

It will make a lot more easier on the sell.

Christine :slight_smile:

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