Responsive WP Theme with fullscreen video slider on front-page

I have to start a new website for my husband who is a videographer, I searched already (but without success) a responsive WordPress theme with a full-width, fullscreen video slider on the front-page (this is important: it has to be a video slider or playlist on the front-page).

I found a lot of themes with a single video on the front-page, but no one with a video slider…

If you have one like this in your portfolio, please can you contact me via my profile page? I need it asap. Thanks!

Hey, I saw this one today maybe it will help you out:

UOU Apps

Thank you, it looks beautiful and I like it, but unfortunately it does not have a responsive video slider (show reel) on the front page :frowning:

Please believe me I searched today almost 5 hours on themeforest with no success :frowning: the ones which have a video slider on the front page and ajax loaded pages are not responsive :frowning:

Sorry if i am late in replying to your query, I have recently worked for a client on a website with video slider in the front page.May be this could be of help to you.


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