Responsive Video Lightbox Portfolio?



I’ve seen all the great templates with lightbox portfolios, but they only show images.
But my portfolio items always contain a video AND text explanations.

So I need a someting that shows wether the whole post content with text and video. Or something that makes a post have one field for video link (youtube) and one field for text explanation…and then turns it into a portfolio grid.

It should show an image and on click opens a lighbox with the video and text.

Ordinary Youtube galleries don’t work for me, because I want something that takes text and video link from my already existing portfolio item posts.

I’m using site origin page builder so it would be necessary to have it work with that…maybe being available as an own site widget in the page builder if possible.


try this one ->


Thank you for your reply.
This doesn’t seem to be a filterable portfolio is it?

I now found these two:
http: ///
http: //

Both can show video, but the problem is: “portfolio” has a filter option but no pagination. “video” has pagination but no filter option.

I actually need both: filter option and pagination. Can’t find anything like this on CodeCanyon…



that is only a lightbox jquery plugin that supports video. If you want a filter and pagination you need another jquery for that.