Resale Protection

Imagine buying a track on Jungle, go to Another Stock and start selling it … what to do? How to prove that it was not the author himself who did it? Is there any jungle shazam? ok, if there is, ip address can change any student how to control it all?

You may copyright it by creating a copy of your item and mailing it to yourself. The postal date will surely help. But most importantly, if you first released it on Envato, use the release date to validate that you are the authentic distributor.

If you find someone else distributing your item without your permission, feel free to file a DMCA to the marketplace hosting the infringing item.

Also, you may try registering your music with P.R.O, AdRev, youtube content ID etc, basically voiding others from profiting from your work commercially. I’ve read in these forums that others have been doing this with good results, so worth a try :+1:t5: