Rejected track, would love your opinion

any suggestion on how to avoid rejections? this track just got rejected, I d love to hear your opinion

If you’re going to try and compete in this genre, you’ve gotta ask yourself, is this really better or even as good as the 100,000 or so other tracks that are exactly like this? If the answer is no, it’s probably not going to get accepted. Nothing particularly wrong with this track, it’s just very middle of the road, repetitive, and kinda boring. It’s not bad, but it’s not particularly good, and there are already sooo many of these tracks here, you can’t blame AJ/reviewers for being super selective especially in this genre.

thanks, I think u right, just is time for the reviewer to implement a motivation, is unfair to tell users “use the forum”, why users should review tracks for free, just because they don t want to do it? I had this track rejected because production quality! after two others were approved sounding quit the same, so Aj to me is the best market place and i think the one where more money are involved so just invest on review some of this money is many years that people is asking this
thanks for your help

Hi my friend.

As @RobertReid said, you are aiming at a genre that is a packed as hell, with literally hundreds and hundreds of almost identical tracks, with the exact same tempo, delayed muted guitar, the 8th note kick drum and all that stuff, uploaded every freaking minute. Just take a look at the most recent uploads and all those ambient corporate success motivational bussiness items… it’s just insane IMO.

Ok, that said, this style seems to have some pretty rigid rules. For example, whole note soft piano chords in every bar are quite mandatory. Another thing I noticed in your track are those sincopated synth notes from 1:00. I would go for a more straight forward arrangement there, I think. Also, the same Firebird Palm Muted Guitar pattern repeats over and over, unaltered, from start to end which can result very monotonous.

I wouldn’t blame nor the reviewers, nor Envato, about giving an automated answer. There’s a notorious flood of tracks (particularly corporate, though it’s not even a genre) and the queue times would be eternal if they went case by case.

Hope you can make some significant changes there and get your track approved. Best of luck!

yeah i don’t think people think about this… the queues are long enough as it is.

@voltatunes - I know lots of people have voiced opinion and frustration with the rejection process, but the simple fact is with the amount of people hoping to get accepted here, and the submissions they have to deal with, the fact that they even try and explain it at all is good enough for me (and man have I had my share of rejects).

Feedback is so subjective I doubt it would be of much value anyways… #1 - sometimes it’s just a crap shoot as to which reviewer you get on which day as to whether or not it is accepted #2 - sometimes a track that doesn’t get accepted here will sell well on other marketplaces. I wouldn’t get too hung up on it.

Cool thanks for your thought

thanks for your help!

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