Rejected project! WHY?!

![Aimation preview](upload://fZxOeKJD3sPUwsMnIVqu98QMCsp.gif)

this gif shows the customizability This animated made by project controllers (in one pseudo effect) only, without using or editing anything out side this Effect
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This is just my idea.
I’m suggestng this since you already put a big effort on this.

May be you can upgrade this to a totally different project, something like “HUD Interface animation pack” or something like that?
But, still I’m not sure if that going to have good sales.
If you upgrade this project and again get rejected, it will be more loss for you than this.
So, it is totally up to you :blush:

Or, you can just start with a fresh project like an opener or logo animation as others suggested it too.

Hope this helps


Thanks for reply, if the project get rejected again I’ll just render the comps with alpha channel and upload them to Motion Graphics section! but i really believe in this idea, i made the exposure meter reads footage exposure frame by frame and animate accordingly (real mode), and i upgraded the histogram to show three colors RGB, the effect reaches 170 controllers in 3 sections (layout, Camera settings and effects), i added pixelate, pixels grid and glitch effects, when i finish upgrading the main comp tonight I’ll use it to design at least 9 viewfinders and 9 animated versions (animation in) + 3 logo reveal versions (animation in and out + logo placeholder), i can add customizable “security cam maker" with all the effects the same way, it’ll be a huge project and my only problem is that the reviewer didn’t tell me what to do, may be the viewfinders are not accepted anymore on the market, or may be i didn’t made enough designs as a pack. anyway accepted or not i’ll make motion graphics elements from it for motion graphics section on videohive.

NO no… wrong answer… Its a good project…You spent lots of time on this, do not give up. Its just your presentation video. It needs more sexy appeal. Start off with a SLR to immediately show your viewer what its about. It needs a feeling of technical professionalism. Your choice of videos are not helping. The coloring seems off. Look for better color, nature, more appealing samples. Good work! Just need finessing.


as for spending time…
Acceptance is the first step, of course. However it is sales that we really want. Look at these rejections as good indicators that the project would not sell well. Its your opportunity to now get better sales from it.


Many thanks for supporting me keep trying on this project, I’m so happy that you like it, I agree with you, the video preview was made quickly, i was so tired finishing the project and have to time to spend on the preview, please tell me more about the video, for now:-
1- I’ll choose another videos from, if you can guide me choosing the best shots it’ll be great.
2- i’ll start with the GIF shot shown on the description to immediately show the viewer what its about, or do you suggest another shot to start with?
Many thanks

Hello Ashraf
I am working on a rush job, so can’t spend any time to give you feedback,
however, I think the shot in the link is good. A nature shot.
Also, check the videos on pexel. Do a “camera” search.
This one has good color, but you may find something better.
Consider the group you want to sell it to…and of course your competition. Best Robert

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also, this one has good lower light for contrast with your HUD.
Your example is good though, with camera. … also, since your audience is cell phone users you could use some shots of them… best

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Thanks for reply, i found this on Pexel website

(Don’t imply endorsement of your product by people or brands on the imagery.)

so the license doesn’t allow me to use those videos in my project preview?!

I am not sure… I always thought Pexel was open source… free to do what you want.
Especially for preview videos.
As long as you don’t include inside project. … You will need to ask someone
else about that to confirm.

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I found this on Pexel website

Can I use the photos and videos for a commercial project?
Yes, all photos and videos on Pexels are free for commercial use. You can use them on your commercial website, blog, product, or anywhere else.

I personally really like your project and appreciate the effort and foresight you put into creating it. If I was after something like this, yours would be the one I’d choose for the sheer amount of customizable, scalable, and accurate content.

I also strongly disagree with some of the sentiments here in this thread calling it “too niche”. One of the most common pieces of feedback folks give here for rejected work is: “It’s too common”, or “It’s already been done 1,000 times”, and now we have “it’s too niche”? That means rejected work is now either: too common, too uncommon, too unspecific, too specific, too unremarkable, too niche. By this stage, it probably seems like creators can’t seem to win, right?

But ultimately, when you see relatively good work like this get rejected, people here can only really speculate. We can agree, disagree, argue, or whatever, but sometimes the answer can be speculated as something far more simple: The product didn’t appeal to that particular reviewer, at that particular moment, on that particular day, possibly because they woke up on one particular side of the bed that morning, and maybe hadn’t had their coffee yet.

As for your project, I’d keep it close to what it is, but maybe make the promo video more exciting as suggested above. And above all: keep up the great work!

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Nope, many authors still get their projects approved and sold to the masses. By hitting the exact sweet spot between “too common” and “too niche” with just the right amount of same and new. So stop blaming the reviewers, when the author is at full control of how and what to create.

We already told the reasons why we think this project got rejected and I’m pretty sure it was for any of those reasons rather than somebody missing out on their coffee lol :smiley:

But yes I partially agree with you, there is always that human factor, but I think more so for projects right on the line between good enough and not good enough, when talking about projects being submitted to very saturated categories.

This case I think is more of a “pawing a new road” type of situation when the author doesn’t even adhere to most of the things that this marketplace values (big packs/good design/lots of great animation/new ideas (in line with what is popular overall or could sell well here). Soo this is the outcome he gets. Simple as that.

I did no such thing… you inferred that. I provided a handful of examples and reasons why a project could be rejected, one of which could be that a reviewer may not be feeling it for a particular project at a particular moment, but preceded it with a clarification that we don’t really know and can only speculate. There was no “blaming” directed at anybody.

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I think i got it, no one have a time to look deep into any project, the project must shine, being catchy and WOW OMG etc. no one needs a useful project / tool here, just put your logo here, inject your text there and done.
so I’m really happy with your comment, you got exactly what i intended to achieve with this project (customizability and reality) i wanted to make the ultimate camera viewfinder, a responsive one, a real one with real settings and effects, real audio and exposure meter, real battery behavior etc, i spent a huge time trying to make a real histogram too but i found it’s impossible, i also wrote a script for that but the performance was very bad (you must write a plugin for that) so i dropped this idea.
So this project is a tool that allows you to create your own camera viewfinder, any aspect ratio, any frame rate and any condition, not a catchy shiny WOW promo or opener.
for sure I’m very upset, but your comment made my day.
I’m really thankful

i totally agree with that, the promo should be better.
Thank you