Reject again; Feel no love !

Hi guys, again a hard reject for this one. All versions with and without the vocals.
I can see some details to be improved, but if I compair don’t think this should be rejected.
What is wrong?

Base theme is great! great melody and nice buildup.
I think the female soloist sounds a bit fake…the strings could use just a tad more dynamics.especially after 1:15.
Other then that, i have nothing… i feel this could have been soft rejected and improved.

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Thanks @RobertSlump for your advice. These points are easy to fix and I will do so.

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Definitely must be the voice, clearly sounds fake. Also, due the fact reviewers are very picky lately, you maybe should avoid the two notes with a 2nd interval (D - E, I think) played in the piano because it sounds a bit dissonant and sometimes reviewers consider that a ‘bad’ thing (of course is ridiculous but that’s life).
Other than that it should be ok.
Hope it helps


Thanks @Sonicbyte for your advice. I’m reworking the track.

Hi guys @RobertSlump and @Sonicbyte
I put a lot of work in the track and improved it a lot (I thougth) but apparantly it’s still not good enough for AJ…

The link to your track isn’t working… are you sure is the right link ?

@Sonicbyte Now it should work


Just listen the new arrangement, this is what I think:

  1. The idea of the song is good, it has potential.
  2. The strings doesn’t sound realistic, the sound itself isn’t bad but the key thing here is that the arrangement hasn’t almost any articulation, like legato, crescendos and/or volume and expression modulations, so it doesn’t sound right. Any modern strings library will with give you that with a bit of work and knowledge of how it should sound a real string arrangement.
  3. The melody needs a hook or bridge or some change in the structure / melody to make it less repetitive, and more usable for this type of genre.
  4. Again, as I said in my previous comment, the two notes with a 2nd interval played in the piano could give you troubles with reviewers because it could sound a bit too dissonant for them and sometimes they consider that a ‘bad’ thing.
  5. If you publish this song in categories as “cinematic” or similar it will be harder for you to get pass through, those categories are specially competitive and the quality required in my opinion is significantly higher than other categories. So, beside the above, you should pick carefully where to publish.

If you interested I can give you some links about what kind of strings / orchestral libraries could do the job you need, and also some tutorials for orchestration that could help you.

Hope it helps