refund payment method quesstions

Hello, I am reaching out to see if i bought something with a debit card and that cars is longer active and its also no longer on my account would the refund go to the current payment method added to my account? or would it go to the deactivated card?

Unfortunately, refunds can only be sent back to their original payment methods. Even if their cards have been deactivated, banks will still generally accept refunds and get those funds to you by some other means. You should contact your bank and ask how they handle these situations.

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How would I find out the card use that was on file? Would I reach out to support after refund was processed? Or can you walk me threw how to look that up please?

I’m not sure you’ll be able to find that information anywhere on the website, unless you saved the card to your account, in which case it would appear under Settings > Saved credit cards. If in doubt, please contact support as they may have access to that information.

You can contact Envato support via the link @baileyherbert provided and ask/request them to refund the money to your Envato account instead. If they haven’t started/finished the process on their end, they could help you.