Refund on subscription

Because of the time zone difference and misunderstanding of the subscription plan, I canceled the subscription after it was billed. I was shocked to know that I was charged a full-year-plan price at the same time.

I already canceled the subscription 30 min after the bill was made and I didn’t download anything after the 1 week’s free trial. I’m going to have serious financial issues if I don’t get a refund soon…I’ve submitted a request and the ticket number is 274616X. Anyone has had the same issue as me before and how can I get the refund? Thanks all.

Hi @he0517be,

Please contact Elements Support and let them know.


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Hi, I already submitted the ticket twice, I am so worried.

please don’t create multiple tickets, it can make delay to get reply because of open tickets volume. Keep patience they will reply as quickly they can, also you should consider week end.

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Ic, will wait for their reply. Thanks.

Any updates?im hving the same problem too