Refund of duplicate purchases

Hi there,

One of my customer bought my items 2x to use on 2 domains. Now he is requesting refund for 1 of them. Should I give the refund or not? What is about this in Envato refund policy? Please suggest. Thanks

This one is a bit tricky.
If the item has been downloaded or activated on the domains, no, you should not offer the refund.

Hi @ki-themes

Thanks for your response. Yes, item is downloaded. But its duplicate item he have. About activation, it was activated but now URL is throwing 403 Forbidden Error. Not sure about the working of install. Thanks

If the both theme is downloaded and activated already, you don’t have to offer refund. Installing the theme with the activation is already good enough reason to reject the offer. You can say, the theme is activated on both domains, changing the mind of not using the theme on both domains is not a good reason to request refund and you have the rights to reject the offer.

Thank you so much for clarifying @ki-themes