Refferal link to music collection

Hi guys! How to properly create a refferal link to AJ music collection? Usually i’ve added standard ?ref=… to collection link, but it seems such way is not working anymore. Thanks!

I use this “HTML” code. Just replace where the “image” goes and the “link” to your portfolio.
I hope this is what you were looking for. lol

<img src=<a href="image

My Bad Plastic3 !!
hmmm. I’ll email you via AJ.

Any thoughts?

Just a few weeks ago I discovered that almost all my external AJ referral links to my items no longer worked, which would explain why my referrals have ground to a halt (bearing in mind I’m a level 7 affiliate). I was gobsmacked nothing was mentioned about this and so I’ve just redirected all my referrals to my own site instead.

My thinking is that Envato have adjusted something to minimize backlinking and possibly sent out disavow requests to Google to dissociate these links to the marketplace - in an attempt to abide by Google’s updated search rulings and recover the Marketplace in Google search.

If this is the case (and I suspect it is), Envato wouldn’t be the only online marketplace to be doing this recently. I’m also thinking that the roll out of these new forums as a separate site, disassociated from the main marketplace, may also have something to do with this.


Thank you, Matt! it seems, my refferal links are working normal, except a links to collections… But last months i have no any revenue from them:)