Redux framework global variable issue



Hello guys. I need your help. I’m used Redux Framework Option panel on my theme. But Envato Reviewers soft rejected my item. I’m sorry. I’m not good php developer.

Rejection issue is: Globals should always be within a function or a class and should be used restrictively & only if theme really needs to. It’s highly recommended not to use them at all just to keep things out of the global namespace, they’re poor coding practice.

I’ve changed it on function. but it not working. How can i fix it.

function my_global_var(){
global $global_var;
return $global_var;
echo $global_var[‘opt_name’];

Please suggest me solution. thanks.


may be

function my_global_var($val){
global $global_var;
return $global_var[$val];

echo my_global_var(‘opt_name’);


Thanks for the suggestion.
I found solution for this issue.

if ( !function_exists('my_global_var') ) {
    function my_global_var($sm_opt_1, $sm_opt_2, $sm_opt_check ){
        global $opt_name;
        if( $sm_opt_check ) {
            if(isset($opt_name[$sm_opt_1][$sm_opt_2])) {
                return $opt_name[$sm_opt_1][$sm_opt_2];
        } else {
            if(isset($opt_name[$sm_opt_1])) {
                return $opt_name[$sm_opt_1];


my_global_var('opt_val','',false); // old redux code $opt_name['opt_val'];
my_global_var('opt_val','opt_val_2',true); // old redux code $opt_name['opt_val']['opt_val_2'];


You can also use get_option:

$my_global_var = get_option( 'my_global_var' );
$my_setting = empty( $my_global_var['my_setting'] ) ? '' : $my_global_var['my_setting'];
echo $my_setting;

The only problem is that it won’t update the option when using the customizer.


Hi @geniuspro,

Did you get your theme approved with this solution?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello @pearlthemes
Reviewers not rejected again with this issue.


If anyone have final solution please share with us.


Hi @codetracks,

@geniuspro told that he didn’t get rejected his theme due to this issue after the solution he shared.

So we may use his solution.

Thank You.