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Envato citizens.
I’ve got a question I was seeking some advice with.
I want to create a soccer training themed site, that enables 121 and group coached sessions to be offered to the public. Problem is… I’m unsure which of the myriad of themes would be best suited for my purpose that would,

  1. Be easily customized to add my own videos and photos
  2. Offer booking of sessions/time table
  3. Easily add new training locations and coaches

I’m sure there is a theme on here that fits nicely byt when there is so much choice…confusion leads in my case to a roadblock.

Thanks for the advice


A site similar to the one below is what I’m aiming for


Search for

This will return 23 results. The website you have mentioned is a wordpress theme, with multiple plugins. If you view source code on the website itself, you will see what I mean.


Many thanks dude…your advice gives me a place to start…should have noticed that myself actually but heh!!! Thanks

@claude_oracle you’re most welcome :slight_smile: