Recommended Approach for Missing Fonts from Downloads?

So I downloaded some great MOGRT packages from Elements and I keep finding some new obscure font that I don’t have. I am familiar with how to search, find, download and install fonts, butI feel like there is some easier approach, something obvious I am missing that all you graphic design folk learned right out of the gate while I was studying photography and video editing? Is there a decent package I can download that would cover most of what I need or is this really how you all work day in and day out?! If so you people are crazy!! :wink: LOL

I was hoping at the very least that if I stayed within one author’s posted offerings that there would be a package or two that I could install and be covered for that set of packages, or some standard for documenting where to obtain them in a more systematic way?

Humor me, please. Little help? :slight_smile: