Recommendations please

Hello all,

We will highly appreciate your recommendations for a CMS which provides these functions. We are building a website for a preschool. Thank you.

Would it be a good choice to use a WordPress Kindergarten Theme in combination with WordPress Plugins? We are looking for good design and best security especially for student data. Thank you.

● Download calendar with checklist
● Fill Out application & pay deposit
● Pay deposit/fees
● Request Information
● Sign up for Tour
● Sign up for Summer Camp & Pay

● Pay tuition
● Points Management
○ Sign up for points
○ Enter points earned
○ See current point balance
○ Pay for points
● Sign Up for Snack
● Sign Up to Volunteer
● Send Message to Teacher
● Sign Up for PEP lunch & pay
● Register for next year & pay deposit
● Fill-out permission slips
● Download school calendar
● Download pictures from classroom & events
● See class & school announcements
● Push checklist – have you done this? Remember to do this.
● Download newsletter
● Sign up & pay for SF Tots, piano, etc
● Sign up & pay for Summer Camp
● Subscribe to school & classroom calendars
● Donate online