Reasons for rejection

Can anyone please help me to find the reasons for rejection of my template?

URL: My Realty - A Real Estate Bootstrap Template

I will be very grateful to all to show me the right way to make my template acceptable.

Thanks in advance


The typography doesn’t look good. Use any other font combination. Everything looks cramped, there is no breathing room. Have some more white space. The slider on the home page has weird empty space on the right side. Why is that?
There are a lot of things you need to improve. You should check other Real Estate themes in the marketplace for inspiration and see what you are lacking.

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Thanks a lot VMS_Designs for your time & feedback. I will try to overcome the limitations.

I agree with the typography comments from @VMS_Designs

The whole thing needs to breath more and be spaced better especially the sidebars.

These fundamentals need work as does alignment in paces e.g. logo and call/share do not seem to line up with anything else on the page

Footer needs work (the map does not work) and feels cramped

Search bar at the bottom above the footer needs attention - the concept is good but the empty space is not and you need to decide is this a search box or a subscribe box - trying to fit too much in does not help

The search modal at the top is a nice idea but the small icon feels lost, easy to miss and perhaps the form itself needs more prominence e.g. a button link in the header/nav

Rotating boxes on staff members are not really suitable to a real estate site - it feels like an extra feature for the sake of it rather than osmehting a real estate agent site would use (this page needs better spacing / padding more than most).

Blog posts need a lot of work - the images are too small as thumbnails and do not align, the copy, tags etc are too close and need spacing, the prev/next links do not align to the other elements

There are a few more bits and pieces but generally speaking it needs modernizing and a focus on attention to detail to refine it

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Thanks charlie4282 for your detailed feedback & your valuable time. I will defenitely work on the issues, you identified.