Reasons for Rejection page

I just had a couple flower photos rejected for “Intellectual Property” with “identifiable features on electronic devices.” (I guess I will have to take my flowers’ phones away from them. :p)

Obviously, the wrong reason was given for rejecting them. However, in the email it states…

No photos should contain electronic items with identifiable brand features such as logos, trademarks (including specific design features like lenses on cell phones, camera body designs, drone specific shapes, etc), or certain objects with IP protected designs as the main subject.
In case you have items with identifiable features on your photos, you can edit them to remove or modify the features mentioned, to the point where they look generic enough.
For more help visit our help centre page:

When I follow the link, (1) there is nothing about Intellectual Property and (2) a lot of the example images are just showing up as tiny red or green squares. If someone on the staff could forward this to whomever needs to know, that would be helpful.