Reached Elite Status!


In 2015, I came to this site (audiojungle). The desire and interest to create music to this day does not leave me, no matter where I was - I always organized a place where I could come up with music. I remember well how difficult it was for me to join envato community, for almost six months envato team did not want to accept my music, for several reasons: first, I made too non-commercial music, and secondly, I did not have the opportunity to buy studio monitors and even more so to work on them. After six months of trying, I got my first approve! And in a few hours the first sale! It was such a vivid emotion! From that moment on, I was passionate about this game! A few years later, I finally joined the elite club of authors! I am immensely grateful to this platform for such an opportunity to develop and do what I love! It is a great happiness to give. For me, this is a very important step that I have been striving for all this time since the first approve, and it’s time for further development! I set new goals for myself. My level has grown significantly, there is an opportunity to purchase top-end professional equipment, the approach to creativity has changed, I can afford to return to my creative beginning, but with the experience I have gained and I am looking forward to going further!


Congratulations on your success!

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Congrats friend! Very inspiring!

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Great!!! Your music is amazing!!!

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