i recently changed my prices buy few dollars and some for just a dollar. the 6$ flyers that have sold that are now 7$ . show on earnings page as — amount $7.00 -$2.63. ive just sold another flyer but it shows amount $6.00 -$2.25. so my question is where is my dollar gone. the item shows as $7 dollars sale price on my profile and i changed this at the same time as the others yet dollar missing. not interested in contacting support.

Your dollar has gone nowhere, what you see in your statement is the item price which is the price you see on your item page minus the buyer fee (the buyer fee for flyer templates is $1).

List price = the price you see on your item page.
Buyer fee = fixed amount varies from category to another (only for Graphicriver), see the buyer fee for each category here.
Item price = List price minus buyer fee.
Author fee = to exclusive authors: between 12.5% and 37.5% of the item price, and 55% to non-exclusive authors.

Here is how you calculate your net earnings:
Net earning = (List price - buyer fee) * (100% - author fee)
Example: The list price of a flyer is $7, here is how much the net earnings of an exclusive author who has sold less than $3,750 (37.5% author fee) will be (7 - 1) * (1 - 0.375) = $3.75 and the author fee will be 6 - 3.75 = $2.25.

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yes u are right and your explanations are quite cool for all to understand , however , the question that is coming to my mind, wy do we have to get some false figures in the end? lots of guys think that they will get what they have written in invoice, or the statement but the fact of the matter is that the reality is far away from from this as fees have left to be withdrawn , which basically means that from the 5 u have written and after have to withdraw the authors fees 1.81 for a flyer of $6 so that meas that u get 3.19 and not 5 , so why is five written? or at least why is not the real money that authors get not written anywhere ?

you missed my point. all the flyers have increased in price and on the statement this reflects in the sales but one is showing old figures even though the price was increased. ie both 7$ yet one shows the sale as 6 $. the other as 7$ that cant be correct. how can one have differnet figures to the next when both same price. i’ll screenshot it if you dont understand what i mean

Two items have the same price but those items don’t show the same price on the statement page. if that is the case, I think you need to contact the Help Team.

well, that i will not be doing cos im not interested wasting my time for a $ but the question has to be poised, how can this happen on a scripted site like this. very strange .

No one has complained recently here in the forum about similar issue, strange that it happens to one author.
What about your other items? what do they show on your statement page?

thanx for your interest.

[Typography Art Flyer] shows $7 on your statement because the list price of it is $8, that’s totally fine. the same thing applies to [Wedding invite A6 flyer]
[Halloween Zombie Flyer] shows $6 on your statement because it’s list price is $7 and that’s totally fine as well.

ahh, yeah ofc. thanx