Question on bilingual setup (Wordpress-Woocommerce)

Hello all,
I hope I am writing to the right forum.
I have purchased Legenda - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme as compatible for combination Wordpress-Woocommerce.

Searching for appropriate bilingual setup (greek + english) I have found different alternatives e.g. different Wordpress installation per language or WP multilingual plugins.

What is the best solution according to your experience and knowledge please? That could be based on the following point of view :
-Admin friendly
-User firnedly

WPML would be the best option

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Thank you ki-themes. So WPML plugin is the best way.
Is it compatible with the combination WP-Woocommerce-Legenta Theme? I am asking because WPML is not for free so any advice towards that direction would be more than welcome.

It’s probably 99% compatible. In case of any problem, WPML team could solve your issues - worst case they offer refund for 30 day period ( or 45 not sure )