Purchase options Visa unavailable

I was trying to purchase an item using visa payment option, yet there is no longer an option to select visa as a payment option, only options are paypal and envato credit. I believe the problem originated when I attempted to use paypal/skrill as a payment option when i was facing some issues with my credit card, I believe by selecting paypal as a payment option (just to test it out) the option to use visa as a payment method has been permanently disabled, and now in order to make payments i must go through paypal or envato credit only.

To prove this theory, i created another envato account with an alternate email address of mine and the option to use visa as a payment method is available on the new account. so the issue is only with the account i clicked to pay with paypal once. I would appreciate any insight and if someone might be able to offer a solution.

I apologize if this is not the correct place to be posting this topic,I have posted a ticket support request yet was running on a deadline and was hoping i could get some advice from the community.
Thanking you
Sameer Ali

Hey there. Unfortunately only support can assist you with payment issues. The community can do nothing much about internal accounting issues. Please wait for a reply to your ticket. Cheers!

I understand, I am waiting for the support team at the moment and hoping it will be resolved soon. Thankyou for you help, much obliged :slight_smile:

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Happy to have helped and I’m terribly sorry I can’t assist you further, but support will most certainly help you out! :slight_smile: