Purchase code change

Dear Sir,
I did buy a theme
(link removed)
This purchase code is public, I do not have any idea how to publicize it, this active multi-sites, 8theme company is blocked code a936****-1487-****-8e16-****adf82e2d. I want please change the purchase code, I will activate my new live site this domin “maheebsons.llc”
Aamir Siddique

It’s your responsibility to keep the purchase code private and if it’s been out on the internet for share, author may have right to disable to code. You will need to discuss the issue with the item author or you may need a new purchase code.

Apart from that, if there’s a new site, you will need to purchase a new code. You can’t use the current for for multiple websites. One license = one website ( end-product )

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