Psd long time creeper :)

Hi guys like the title say I have been a long time member of this site and I have learnt a lot.
I have finally gone through the process of laying out the layers of my Psd in the correct format.(Only taken 6 years lol).

I have been designing a layout for a friends website and it got me thinking would it stand as a Psd template?

It would be a lot easier for me to make it look better using professional photos, instead of his interactive cartoon images but I just wanted to see if you guys think that the layout, typography etc would be good enough?

I am going to be having an LMS part of the site as well so it would look different to most designs.

Glad I finally got around to this

Any help would be really appreciated.

Its pretty good, i like it.
I think a design like this will never be accepted on this market. But its cool for your friends website.
Also to practice, and yes … you can continue improoving typography colors and spacings.

Thanks for the feedback. Yeah like this it wouldn’t get accepted at all due to the cartoon graphics. What is wrong with the typography and spacing.

Want to try and get it right :smile:

Maybe too much empty space between sections and contact & footer are too tight :grin:

Ha i was thinking that lol.

Thanks for the feedback, will start working on a proper one :wink: