Profile Header colors journey


Dear Envato designers!

Let’s take a look at Power Elite Authors Pages…WOW, what amazing profile header we can see here. Nice job. When you visit theirs pages you understand that it’s probably Godfathers of the Marketplace over here. From #313131 to #363636 colors! Damn is hot, respectfully and harmoniously.

OK, let’s visit Elite Author pages. What we’ve got here? Show us your profile header colors. Oh, cool. Not as PE, but very nice. Quiet colors, also looks harmoniously. I like it. From #F1F1F1 to #F9F9F9. You rock guys!

And finally we can see now a non-elite authors pages. All I just can say right now is What A #FAFAFA? Sales number looks so lonely, etc. Are you seriously want to leave us without any colors? :slight_smile:

I asked my niece if she have own color? And she said: “Of course I do! Look at ma yellow breakfast bag!”. Everyone deserve to have their own colors. Even street gangs have their own :sunglasses:. White…it’s even not a color, because don’t have specific wavelengths and without hue. I understand that you want to achieve a visual hierarchy, but not at any price. Please, don’t do this to us :slight_smile:

But maybe only I think that all this #FAFAFA it’s just a loss of personality for non-alite authors pages, let’s wait for community comments.

Something strange going on..

I thought it was about my internet connection or something wrong with my browser, until i discovered this thread and realise that it’s changed. :frowning:


I thought my connection was broken too, I refresh it several times and it still like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Those numbers are really lonely now


Same… We had a nice green “parallax” background for few days and now, nothing :confused:


It’s kind of motivation!


The page feels unfinished now for elite authors and non-elite authors.


I widely prefer old “theme”: thin green bar.

Fun fact: just yesterday I was thinking “well, for once Envato did a good thing and gave a fresh touch!”.
Yes yes :joy:


###Man, I actually love the color of non-elite authors.

It would be perfect if the menus were separated with a background.

I also love the background of Power Elite Author.

But look at the Elite Authors BG, The whitish polygon is not that good. :frowning:


I like it too :wink:


It looks like its missing something at non-elite authors’ profile page. Especially after visiting elite profiles


Where is our lovely green bar??? Looks so empty without it. Return it, please.


I don’t like the last update profile page! it looks like unfinished page
Old green bar is the best.


it feels like broken page for both elite and non-elite… lack of professional touch.


The green bg was OK. Now it looks kinda empty… and that loooonely sales number


The green was nicer than pail. Even with a green logo.


I’m dreaming about a header like this one ^^


I much prefer the white BG over the green one, my blue Logo simply looked terrible on green, as did many others.

Best option would be if every author can set it’s profile colors in the dashboard settings, if that is not possible white is the best option because in other places the Logo is also on a white BG, this simply makes sure everything looks good and not like a mistake.

Thanks envato for changing it to white and removig the aggressive green.