Product Catalog...

Hey Guys,

I am not sure of the best way to explain this, but I will do my best. I am looking for a product catalog script/software for a direct mail marketing campaign for my business. These are the most important features I will need for the Product Catalog:

Most Important Features:

  1. Able to be burnt to removable media (cd/dvd/usb) and runs smoothly!
  2. PayPal Checkout
  3. Offline (mail order payment) inquiry form
  4. Pictures / Videos for products.
  5. Fields would be great, but not important. Ex: Size, Color, etc…for each product.
  6. Category Structure

Also, I have some additional features that I would like added: ( See the link below for demo of features )

Additional Features:

  1. Ajax Search
  2. Change add to cart button to out of stock if the quantity on hand is 0
  3. Five star rating that I could make the adjustment for (not shown in link below

The more additional features you add the better! I am trying to keep the message short, while staying on point.

Example of features:

Thanks guys,
Awaiting your reply!


Hi Zaccc,

Thank you for you suggestion. However, I have been looking around on codecanyon, and I have found something that I think will suit my idea well, but I need some opinions on whether this would work in terms of do able (putting it on cd/removable media) and if would have any drawbacks (other than customization) which I know I will need.

Btw, if anyone is interested in taking on this customization that will include adding a shopping cart/basket to a gallery script on code canyon let me know. It will also have a little more coding than just a shopping basket. I will make payment through paypal.

Let me know.