Product available on detail in description

I need a software on any platform like wordpress, PHP or .Net etc as follow description

A Person come on my website, place the order to share his Post on maximum groups in his budget Like $10. I deduct 20% commission and send my under followers to share his post on related his post groups and rest 80% of amount distribute among that’s follower.

Note: Follower are join our website as marketers the post

In other words
looking for a platform or software that allows users to place orders to have their posts shared on various groups, with a commission deducted from the payment and distributed to the users who share the posts.

I hope you guys understand the system.
Please guide and let me know, any software’s available that kind of working available on

It will require custom work, as far as I know, there’s no script. ( not hard to manage it with WordPress with modification/ plugin set-up though )

can you make like this plugin which mentioned in description.

This is a specific/unique need for your own purpose, it won’t sell lot of copies. For a custom work, yes. For a plugin to be solved on CodeCanyon, no.
If you’re interested in custom work ( you will need a good budget ) you can contact me
( click my avatar, the email/website is on my profile )