Problem with Thumbnail

My last music pack had just been approved.

You can see it here :

Unfortunatly there is a problem with Thumbnail that doesn’t currently display !

Has anybody already had this problem?


Try to reupload it in the Edit section. I guess it will help :slight_smile:

Sorry no @RedSound-Studio
I’d tried three times. Always the same result… :disappointed_relieved:

I have the same situation. Last updated 2 thumbnails, but unfortunately not updated. Written in support of waiting for an answer.

Hi @AudioPuppet
I trying to change some pictures on my collections today and have the same problem. Seems like we need just to wait and try again later.

Yas i saw this on your portfolio @TimTaj-Music . So we’ll waiting… :rolling_eyes:

Ok thanks @NisusPrideMusic . That’s reassures me (a little) :wink:

Most likely a caching issue, it does happen from time to time. Not much you can do but wait.

@AudioPuppet all ok now? :slight_smile:

Yes @NisusPrideMusic
Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes ;it’s good now.
Thank you @PurpleFogSound
Have a nice day :christmas_tree:

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