Problem with Template using DaVinci 18.6

Hello, I have used in the past the template “Urbaner Opener” successully with DaVinci Resolve, version 16 or 17. No I tried to use this template again with the latest DaVinci version (18.6. studio). Now the template does not work any more. Some of the pictures are not shown any more or only patially.
I tried also some other envato templates with DaVinci resolove 18.6 and they also seems to have issues. DaVinci itself seems to run without any problems. So I think there is some problem with the template and latest DaVinci version.
Has someone here experiances similar issues? Does this mean that Davinxi version 18.6 is not compatible any more and that the templates can not be used any more. The problem seems to be in the failight module, but this is in the template now visible and so I can not adjust anything there.
Thank you vor any suggestions or experiances on this topic.