Problem with reviewed items

Hi there, since a while a go I don’t receive anymore the reviews, they just reject or approve my items without send me any email about it… So today for instance I know they rejected one of my item just because is not in the cue for review neither in my portfolio… There is no way to send an email to the stuff, the help center is completely useless in this case… Would be useful as well to have a list on AJ of all the rejected items, just to keep track of them.
Would be amazing if someone of the stuff could help me with this

staff!!! LOL

Hey @matvlato. I can assure you that Envato Help is not useless and you should always mail them for a better understanding of a rejection ( keep in mind, if you’re product is way off the necessary quality standards, then you may get a standard message ).

Open a support ticket and mention the item that was rejected and be sure to ask for clarifications upon the rejection reason.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

I’m not complaining about the rejection, if it wasn t clear I sad that I m not receiving the emails which inform if an item has been approved or not, I just would like to know how to get them again as once upon a time

That’s strange! I get every message from reviewers and every approval message. Are you sure your inbox isn’t flagging messages from Envato as spam?

yes I receive all the others Envato messages, it happened the first time after a reviewer asked me to make some changes at one file, after the resubmission the Item was approved but I did’t get the email and from that moment I don’t receive these emails anymore. I checked already spam and settings but it’s not that.

That’s very strange! Could you please open a Help Ticket and explain this situation to the guys from support? Maybe your address got blacklisted or something. Also, if you’re using your own hosting service email address make sure to contact them as well and ask for the same thing. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Hi there
I got a rejection today and still it wasn’t notified, I checked my email and Envato is not in the spam is actually one of my vip contact so i think the problem is somewhere in your system. Check please

Try add the new email address and save it and then add again the previous one…

I did it let see what will happened, anyway thank everyone for the help!

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