Problem with NetBee support

Hello Envato team.

I am very sorry that I am forced to write about it in the forum, because it is the first time I have dealt with it.

On October 29, I purchased a NetBee developer template called “WeBuild” (Item ID: 12448478). After installing the template, basically as soon as I started using it, errors arose that marred this beautiful template. I was looking for a solution in the template documentation, I searched using Google, Bing etc., in WP forums. Not finding a solution, I thought about using the support of NetBee authors. After all, who could know better about the code than its author?

Imagine my surprise when I saw posts from 4 years ago, including on a forum with an open user question with no support response. Then I thought it would be trouble. I thought that I would report the ticket and that it would solve my problem faster. I did so - the proof is attached.

The status of the application has been processed since then. In my life I have sent a lot of questions to supports and I know that sometimes you have to wait 3 days - the bigger the output, the more work the support has - it is understandable. However, this support did not consider my application today, and it did not respond to the e-mail asking for help (e-mail of November 8 - proof attached). So far, I have not received an answer either.

I am writing here because this situation did not understand for me - the more so because I received 6 months of technical support as part of the template purchase. It’s not about the money or the frustration of the man writing this post. It’s about the usual rules and respect for the customer.

I am not a bloated boot that demands something that is not due to it - I run a service company myself (metalworking) and I give a warranty for a given period of time. I cannot imagine my client being left alone with the problem. I was left alone with the problem and it is very unfair, despite the fact that I paid for the template and I think that the problem also occurs on the template author’s demo page, so the greater the motivation for him to remove this error.

I am asking for help, hint, solution …

Best regards,

Hi @collibearteam,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with author support. Please get in touch with envato customer support by opening a Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be investigated your claim.

In the mean time you can post a comments in theme comments page and let the author know that you have opened a support ticket in their support forum but didn’t received any reply. and also ask them support through comments.