Prestashop or...

Hi, I have a Prestashop web store and I was looking to some new templates to buy.
My only doubt if prestashop is the “right” cart for me. In the past years I had many issued with it, sometimes some modules (not just third party) crash, there is always a matter with version upgrading and so on. It’s like is not very stable. So I was wondering if this situation is very common with open sources cart.
A part from Magento that is “too much” for me,what would You suggest to me?
I think that a lot of people here knows as prestashops as other system so in Your experience do You think I should go on with prestashop or should I move?
Thank You

You should try woocommerce.

Drupal also has a cart.

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You can try with Woocommerce. That’s have more user use these for their project.

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Thank You,
but is Woocommerce more reliable and stable then prestashop?

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WooCommerce or Shopify is my suggestion. They offer effective cost and pro features to create a dream online store. If you wanna export Prestashop to WooCommerce, you can discover this tool Or if you want to migrate from Prestashop to Shopify, go Good luck.

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I completely agree with you. Woo and Shop are my recommendation too. Woo is pro enough to build a pro shop, Shop provides free hosting, etc,

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I use PrestaShop since 2010. But this is not the case. Whatever platform you may choose, problems (major or minor) arise from time to time. So what then? You will change among solution every now and then? I don’t think so. Learn coding it yourself. Get stuck with one platform (not only Presta, whatever it may be) and when problems arise, try to solve them by yourself or the network you have build.

Short answer, NO!
If you want a FAST, reliable, secure Ecommerce, stick with prestashop or try magento. Woocommerce just don’t cut it. The main reason is that just to have the built-in basic ecommerce features, SEO and performance options that you’ll find on prestashop or magento you’ll need to install a lot of plugins on woocommerce, then the compatibility issues arise and of course all of these plugins will considerably hurt the speed of your website.