Prestashop 1.6 web mobile theme

We are looking for a costum web mobile theme for Prestashop 1.6, to use it for our mobile version of our shop .Theme should be light , easy to use and similar whit our actual shop.

I wil post something similar to have a ideea, please open the links in o mobile device.
You can see bellow some other exemple , but we can discouse specifics.

Thank you !

You will need theme modifications. Your current theme needs to be recoded for mobile ( responsibility )
If you’re interested in custom job, contact me via the following link to discuss the details

I am talking about a separat theme just devices.

So a diferent theme costumize for mobile use.

I don’t think there’s an extension for Prestashop. Never heard

There is no need for an extesion , we use multistore function and we will redirect all our mobile trafic to our mobile subdomanin like: or

I hope it is clear now.
Nice day!

Coding another theme for your specs will probably take the same amount of the theme as fixing your current theme
Additionally, you’d be dealing with redirections - not good for SEO