portfolio / where to set the number of portfolios per page

Hey there,
Everything’s in the title. I can’t find where to set the number of portfolios per page. Default seems to be 10, on four lines / 3 columns, which is quite strange. I’d like to select at least the global number (12, 15…)

Hey @michauko,

You can hire some to solved your issue Envato studio is our Freelancer platform.


OMG. I expected an answer like “it’s in this menu”, or “it’s not customizable via the interface” - which I understand is the answer, and it’s a bit sad.
Remind me not to call for that kind of help here anymore.

Hey @michauko,

Contact with your item author they will help you.

No worry about this.

Are you an Author ? Or purchaser ?

You din’t mention your query fully. It’s too difficult to say if you didn’t mentioned about which Item are you talking about. Just a small try fro my side:
If you are talking about wordpress then I would like to say please go to your theme option hope there you will find a settngs for portfolio. If your problem not solved then the best way to get support is contact your purchased Item Author.

Sorry, I forgot to mention “thekeynote”.
Anyway, I did’nt find any 10 string relevant somewhere in the plugins nor in the theme.
I then realized portfolios (in this theme) are just posts. It’s using the regular post / page limitation in the general WP’s settings.
I might help some other people.

in this case the only option to change the post limit settngs from Settings => Reading as you mentioned in your reply. Thanks