please test my website in safari - problems


Hello Community,

I figured out that my website is working fine with all of the browsers, but not on safari. I can open the startpage, but when I click on the menu links just a blank page appears. The funny thing: if I open the menu link with right click and open in new tab, it works normal.

In the safari developer tools it says me this: Google Maps JavaScript API warning: NoApiKey
But I can’t really read a lot out of it.

I am running the newest wordpress and the memphis theme from themeforest. Another Theme works fine, i also tried to deactivate all the plugins, which did not work in this case. It seems to be a Theme or a Visual Composer WP Bakery problem.

Maybe somebody can help me. thank you



Have you tried to contact the theme author? There may be some bugs with Safari and author may need to update the theme.