Please help me find the name of this website theme?

It’s built using magento :smiley:

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Thanks for the answer, Where can I buy it? :thinking:

Check out some good themes from here:

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Are magneto themes comapatible with shopify ?

no, magneto themes compatible with magneto. shopify themes compatible with shopify. wordpress themes compatible with wordpress. So, you have to purchase theme according to your chosen platform (magneto/shopify/wordpress)

Shopify have it’s own themes & Magento have it’s own

Oh ok sorry I’m not a tech guy haha :sweat_smile:, now I understand! I was looking for a theme for shopify like that it’s amazing how customizable the banners are on their website but more amazing is that they get resized accordingly on the smartphone to have a similar pc view. That’s why I though i asked.

You can choose any theme based on your design and functionality requirements from here:

All themes you will see in the above link are shopify theme and all themes should work fine with all devices. Just choose a better one, which one is maintain regular update to meet the latest technology and latest version shopify (you will get these info in theme page).

Thank you very much