Please Help! Looking for a Responsive Horizontal scroll theme or template


I’ve searched high and low but cant find a theme/template that have all the requirements that I need. I’ve found a few horizontal scroll themes/templates but none are very Responsive. I want the user to be able to scroll horizontally page by page, and on a smartphone/tablet they should be able to swipe between the pages.

I great example of a website that have all these features is
If you know any theme or template matching this description, please post it here! Thank you in advance!

Thanks for the reply! I have already checked that one out, and at first glance it looks just perfect but its not horizontal on the iPhone… :frowning:

I think that it is a bit difficult or it doesn’t look so good in small screens to scroll horizontally. For example, we have created a new Joomla Template with horizontal scroll but it didn’t look very good in small screens and we converted it to vertical for smartphones and some tablets.

If you haven’t already look through these , you might find something you fancy in here

I have one HTML template for mobile with majorly horizontal scroll (touch optimized) and am currently building its WP version. You may want to check it out:
I am adding more options in the WP version for the home page and others.

Hi ebski,
Please check tthis, if it is useful: