php script rejected for no specific reason

I’m trying, but my script is being rejected by the reviewers. Even they are not telling me an adequate reason about this. for me to know the problem and fix it, I just received emails as rejected because your item does not match the quality. more the quality of my script is great and documented

The images quality looks very outdated and not up to par.
Also try changing the ui colors and the type of fonts you use on your script.

Other than that, your script should be ready to go.

I hope this helps.

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Design is not good enough as @TheArtfulMaestro stated.

There must be number of reasons including

Coding Standard as they Prefer PSR (PHP Standard Recommendations)
Too many plugin on the same niche

Also if this is your first item, more likely they reject it in case of any common script. You have to be unique and too good in case to get the Envato account running as Author.