PhotoDune Licenses Update

Hello everyone!

As part of our efforts to renew PhotoDune, we’ve also taken the opportunity to improve and refine the PhotoDune licenses.

Nothing really has been majorly changed, but we have refreshed a few clauses and clarified much of the language and layout. We believe the improvements and added clarity with this update will benefit both authors and customers.

What we’ve done

Our primary purpose here was to:

  • Generally refine, improve, and clarify our license terms with the latest standards and best practice.
  • As needed, review and realign our licensing with respect to the industry.
  • Ensure optimal alignment with across both Market and Elements language and terms.

To that end we have:

  1. Removed the Regular/Extended distinction on commercial vs. free end use, in place of a more specific and clear line around Merchandising use instead, along with a more detailed definition.
  2. Improved the language and organization around Allowed Uses and limitations for greater clarity.
  3. Improved language and terms around multi-seat and multi-client use to provide greater clarity to freelancers and customers engaged in client work.
  4. Removed the digital size restriction on End Products (generally, end users extracting and using the image separately has always and continues to not be allowed).
  5. Extended the Reproduction Limit from 250k up to 500k.

What you need to know

Much of what you’ll see in the new licenses should simply be easier to read and understand, with clearer definitions and examples throughout.

We still have the 2 license options for photos, PhotoDune Regular and PhotoDune Extended.

We expect that the Regular License will continue to serve most customers’ general commercial use needs, with limited reproductions and no Merchandise use. Purchasing the Extended License effectively removes these two limitations and is available for customers who need:

  • An unlimited reproduction limit for their End Products
  • To create an End Product that will be used for Merchandising

You can find out everything else you need to know about the new licenses on our licensing landing page, our updated licensing FAQs, and of course the license terms themselves.

What’s next

These license changes are set to go into effect this week. As always we hope you find them easy to understand and use.

Previous Purchases

For existing customers, the original version of the PhotoDune Regular and Extended licenses still apply to the items you’ve already purchased. In general, the license that applies to your purchase is the one that was in effect when you purchased the item.

If you have any initial questions we’ll be on hand to address them, or for specific licensing assistance please contact our Help team.

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