Paw lvl 6 and 2,000 SALES on 1 Yr Anniversary! 🎂


1 year ago, my writing partner Will and I uploaded our first song to AudioJungle. It was called “Fresh Start.”

Fast forward to today, our 1 year anniversary, and we have:
-Generated over $40,000 in revenue (Paw Level 6) and sold 2,000+ items.
-Sold to companies like Tesla, American Airlines, Uber and Groupon.
-Are currently #230 on the AudioJungle marketplace.

We could have never predicted this.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Envato, the creative community here, and of course the customers we have connected with. Without ALL of you, this would have never happened. You have changed our lives and empowered us to continue to create the best music we can.

To celebrate, I’d like to share the #1 thing we’ve learned that has contributed to our success this year.

Create music with clear emotional triggers, and name the track in a way that speaks of the emotion.
That is a big key to repeat and happy buyers.

I know, it’s kinda obvious… but I think many of us forget or overlook this simple idea. I know I have.

I try to remember that it’s about hearing what emotion your track is expressing, and naming it that way. This way, when potential buyers come searching, your music is aligned with exactly how they are searching.

EX: Is that rock song you’re working on “Pumped up and Fun!” or “Dirty and Loud!” Highlight that emotion in the title and let your buyers know that if they’re looking for that emotion, they’ve just found it!

Anyway, thank you again, and we can’t wait to continue to contribute to this community as best we can this year.



Congrats! Rock the party!


Awesome accomplishment guys. Congratulations!


Couldn’t agree more guys; great post.

Congratulations on this awesome achievement! You’ll be Elite in no time! :tada:


Congratulations, great achievement and nice words :slight_smile:


Wow, what a success story. Good job guys!


Congrats! Major success! :sunglasses:


huge accomplishment , well done :slight_smile:


:wink: we certainly are happy we uploaded that one

Thanks to everyone for your support!


Rock That Party is still rockin till this day!congrats mate :wink:


WOW!!! GREATE job, mate and perfect achievement!!! So, my BIG Congrats to you!!!


Congrats!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :birthday:


My congratulations, Avery! Don’t stop! Yes, emotions are what really sells…




Congrats ! Keep going :slight_smile:


Amazing! Keep elevating guys!! :wink:


congrats avery


Very cool and motivate! Congrats and Good Luck More! :slightly_smiling:


There are people who know how to do it just right, fantastic job, congratulations


I love “Fresh Start” great track I knew you would be successful here when I heard that track! Congrast!