Parallax scrolling / slider theme



Hi everyone,

The company I work at is looking to go through a redesign. The concept has been built and we have decided that a parallax scrolling / slider theme would best suit our concept due to the need to take the user through a journey, controlled by them.

I have identified a website that is almost identical to what we are looking for… the website is

It is SOOOO hard to find specific paralax themes like this… or maybe I just don’t know how to word my search correctly in this regard.

If someone could recommend a theme similar to this I would be VERY greatful!


Really no one knows? Someone has to know a theme similar to this site??


Is it just me or is that static and not scrolling?


Wow… they must have just changed the site now…It was a slider scrolling site when I made the post… even featured on this list of paralax sites…


Like this ?

If it is the site I think it was then you could pretty much do it just using one of the big slider plugins and some patience with aligning all the elements


Hey Charlie that is indeed a great example! Do you know of anything similar that also scrolls vertically?


Maybe something like this…


How does Parallax effect SEO I have heard some bad points and dont ant to migrate our man with a van site if we will lose positions, anyone here any experience?