I paid for product with 6 months of support but I can’t even log into their forum to tell them the product is not working, but crashing when I add AJAX plugin. Even though I contacted them directly at owwwlab@gmail.com, they still won’t fix and just sent me a username/password to get into their forum that does not work. I’m frustrated that I cannot get support that was promised when I bought the item.

If you continually have issues getting in even with the logins sent by the author then you can contact support (who will speak to the author about helping you to get in).

Out of interest the Ajax plugin - was this part of the original demo and file or is this something additional you are trying to add? Bear in mind that support does not cover additional third party assets which are not part of the file for sale on envato.

No this is PART of the theme, they have it in the documentation to add “ajax-fac” to the menu items so the pages slide across but when I add the code as instructed by the creators documentation pdf, the site crashes. I have tried contacting the support already but no response.