Overloading on Hosting

I bought the “PS Buy & Sell” android application sold by PanaceaSoft.
As the application consumed excessive power from hosting and as a result of the crash of the hosting, we moved it to the Server.
Server features; Intel ® Xeon ® CPU E5-2697 v2 @ 2.70GHz (6 core (s)) 8gb ram 1gbps port

Words the server administrator warned me “makes too many mysql queries. Cpu suddenly rises to 300%.”

This much power consumption is not normal. Where could the problem be?
Is there a software problem?

Is there anyone using android + php + mysql and encountering this problem?
or someone who can transfer his experience and give advice?

I add the screenshot when hosting crashes.
I add the power consumption video while on the server.

note: I contacted the seller and answered me with this short sentence “Sorry, we are not so sure for all those server issues.”

active device (playstore) 9000
registered users (mysql row) 2500
ads (items (mysqlrow)) 250
Chat (mysql row) 2000


It’s probably related to server configuration, not to coding. I can offer some paid support if you’re interested in