Our Admin template was hard rejected, please share some suggestions with us

Hello everyone.
Can you help with my mistakes or shortcomings. My Admin Template was rejected.

Here is link: Qboat Admin Template

We use gulp js with complete component base HTML structure with SCSS and Bootstrap v5.

I’m a complete newbee here and will be highly appreciated for any feedback!

Thank you in advance

My antivirus (malwarebytes) blocks your demo, I couldn’t even see it.

okay, but our demo is just HTML version,

  1. Some cookies are misusing the recommended attribute “SameSite“
  2. Password fields present on an insecure page (http://)
  3. This page uses the non-standard “zoom” property. Consider using calc() on the relevant property values, or using “transform” in conjunction with “transform-origin: 0 0”.
  4. 404 error on tccl.min.js.map
  5. The design itself is very basic, but the most striking thing is this…


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Thank you for your time to review and sharing a feedback.